Wind Energy Support provides professional on-site management during the installation, decommissioning and operational phase of wind turbines. We take care of the management from A to Z. You can expect us to monitor every aspect of the process. But we also guarantee, among other things, safety and quality checks. Wind Energy Support wants to distinguish itself as a project manager by being a connecting factor.

By informing you, as a client, on a daily basis, but also by ensuring that everything leads to good cooperation on site. Thanks to experience in every field, in many types of turbines and with various parties, Wind Energy Support is extremely suitable for all aspects of your projects.


Wind Energy Support stands for quality, both during the process of your project and in verything that is involved in the wind turbine itself. For Quality Assurance we guarantee the actions of all parties involved. An additional advantage of this is that it also provides insight into whether the process is being carried out as efficiently as possible. Quality Control is essential in these projects. Wind Energy Support is specialized in carrying out inspections and will also actively perform this during your project. This includes factory inspections of the ordered turbine, supervision – and of course safety inspections.

Technical Inspections

Wind Energy Support can perform technical inspections for you on all types of wind turbines, on- and offshore. This also includes takeover-, end of warranty- and blade inspections. We are also in possession of the necessary means to carry out electrical inspections of, for example, generators and high voltage transformers. In short; Wind Energy Support can provide you with a complete technical status of your turbine or wind farm.

Asset support

During the operational phase of a project there are many aspects that can contribute to a good result. From that point of view, we will watch with and for you. Are the contracts complied with? Are there any changes compared to transport? Can you make a claim for anything you didn’t expected? These are just a few examples. You can count on Wind Energy Support to have a lot of experience in various areas.

Network (Bringing together)

As a project manager it is very important that we have a connecting function on-site. The place where so many different aspects and people come together. Wind Energy Support stands for connection, on-site and beyond. Make use of the large network gained through years of work experience.

Technical Consultancy

You may find it necessary to call in an independent person, for example for insurance issues or quality checks. Wind Energy Support will help you, also in these situations. In addition to thinking along with you, you can expect an extensive report. Years of experience, within different types of companies, are to your advantage.